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About US

Snow Sports Insignts is…

01. Strategic

Our approach is specifc and deliberate, we know the industry and we know the players.  Work with us and enable us to produce the data that will guide your company into future success in the cross country ski space.

02. Professional

We are professional and discrete.  Your data is safe with us and your confidential identity paramount.

03. Loyal

This is our industry.  We are not bound or controlled by the gravity group and will work solely for the benefit and understanding of the cross country community.

Lead Researcher

Kelly Davis


Kelly Davis has more than 25 years’ experience in Market Research including 11 years as the Director Research for SIA, the SnowSports trade association and most recently,3 years as the Senior Director of Research for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. In addition, for the past two years she has worked with the Cross-Country Ski Areas Association to improve their Research.  

Over the years, Kelly has worked with a wide variety of organizations to help them understand and target their customers more effectively, to track their customers’ journeys, to build clear views of target markets, to design products that will sell in specific markets, to help start-ups find their footing, and help businesses find their way when times are tough.  

Kelly is a methodologist with innovative leanings, she is always looking for more effective ways to apply hard-earned insights to maximize impacts. Kelly likes to share interesting findings and insights and has been a featured speaker across Snow Sports and Aviation.  

When Kelly isn’t working, you will most likely find her outside skiing, running trail, SUPing, biking, hiking, golfing, flying, or walking a dog. Over the past four winter seasons, Kelly also worked as the Snow Reporter for Pennsylvania’s Liberty Mountain Resort just for fun and because she’s a hardcore weather geek. That, and who doesn’t want first tracks every day? 

What We Do


Analysis and trending of participation as reported by the Physical Activity Council

Trail Visits

SSI will use the 4 years of trail visit Data collected by CCSAA

Retail Panel

Monthly from November to April, a sample of retailers will be surveyed about sales trends

Supplier Panel

Happening twice per season in January and April to monitor trends on the supply side of the market to measure D to C trends

Consumer Trends

SSI will build a consumer panel to use to keep members informed about trends from the consumer’s perspective

Wholesale Market Data

Independant study of supplier’s sales into retail including units and dollars in each category of cross country hard goods